'Arah Wainwright has dedicated her life and work to developing creative mentorship strategies to bring about a new shift in the mental, emotional and psychological awareness states of young women. As a young teen mother ‘Arah Wainwright has sought to change the narrative for single mothers and black women to bring light to the alter of their potential. 

While raising a daughter on her own, battling with domestic violence as a teen mother; she relentlessly sought her own way out of vicious abuse cycles. Despite the painful realities of her past life;  ‘Arah Wainwright has walked in her purpose by faith to develop herself and her creative mentorship strategies to support some of the most vulnerable groups of our population to date including Foster Youth, Women in Transition and Single Mothers.

“Single mothers are the most overlooked, under expressed and under represented groups across the Nation. I believe that every young woman needs a strong advocate to be her voice, to be the example of faith and a chalice of hope for the freedom she desires. I believe all young women and mothers should have sight of positive examples of leadership & racial identity. I believe that we are all worthy of having a Goddess Fairytale Dream to serve as proof of God's Majesty to be inspired to have a phenomenal story to tell!” 


Stellar Mystic develops creative mentorship solutions to deliver transformational programming that instructs and inspires Women and Super Mothers to see themselves through dynamic challenges and become the greatest versions of themselves. 

Change your thoughts and transform your life

Majestic Pretty Thoughts© Stellar Workbook Edition 


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Majestic Pretty Thoughts© A devotional Stellar Workbook for women who are willing to allow their lives to shift cosmically, consciously & abundantly.

'Arah Wainwright devotes her life and work to developing creative strategies to instruct and inspire young women and mothers to develop in their higher purpose.

"I think the world needs a Super-Mother"

-'Arah Wainwright 

A 50 page devotional workbook to help you see yourself through your own unique and dynamic challenges. You will receive a one on one experience with yourself and the voice of authentic leadership to help you reach your greatest potential.

Get what took me thousands of dollars and 14 years to develop, create & master within myself. 

Available JANUARY 2021

Find Serenity in Self-Adornment Prayers 

"I am worthy, I am enough

I am worthy of living my dream

I am worthy of having more than enough

I belong,

I belong to my Mother,

I belong to the void,

I belong as the daughter of the Heavens"





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